Photographer Nelkis Leonor Ramirez Conde

Borned in May 27 of 1959. Matanzas. Cuba.

Graduate of Lic. spanish and Literature Pedagogic in 1982


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telf : (537) 209-3700

My passion for the photography, the painting and the computation, carried me to explore possibilitys and it goes finding in practice my own road, when using my eyes of photographer, my mind of professional and my feelings of artist to achieve a plastic expression that transmit what I desired, semiotic speaking, modifying the reality in a gradation that travels inside a same picture since it more exact possible, toWith combinations that they permit me to show a visual illusion that be still more beautiful than what my eyes and camera win.

In the collection to which have called Havana's Scenes I intend to show the beauty of the city, and the charm of its daily life sifted by the time, that encloses epochs and folklore, of form such that we lose us inside a "Trip to the seed", al to say of Carpentier.. I try to reflect havana and its mysterious relation with the Havanan Their charm, mystic and personality are the protagonists, with it also I intend to do homage to the work of restoration that it become fulfilled in The Old Havana, by the Office of the Historian.

The collection is characterized for a thematic common one, under a novel and refreshing pictorial style that intends to beautify the way in which we see the routine thing.