Technique: Pictofotografía.

Method: The original commodity is the photograph, that is the first step of the future work, later it is performed a process of edition with digital tools utilizing commercial software of photographic touches and a special tool that consists of an own software that to way of pincel, it simplifies the structure and the visual content of the image producing a singular pictorial effect to take its essence, and from this to play with the key tonales, the clear, intermediate and dark, until trapping the exceptional brightness and color of the tropic, producing effects that go since the appearance of oilpainting to from time to time own transparencies of the watercolor or the tonalidades opaque of the watered down one. All the photographs utilized like base are original and taken by the author.

Impression: Termo injection on canvas, formats to 66 x 88 cms. Panoramic on canvas in formats that can arrive between 50 x 350 cms and 100 x 700 cms. The printing in canvas uses ink UV-Hewlett Packard resistant to the crash, water and to the light and furnishing to the museum quality work.

Matrixs: Digital stored in TIFF format of high resolution that guarantee the printing with high quality.


Example of application of the technique
Detail Pictofotografía
Detail original photo